Biofuel Testing

Biofuel Testing Services

In response to the growth of the biofuels market, Saybolt offers testing services to all aspects of the biofuel supply chain. This includes testing of raw biomass products, process optimization and testing, as well as emissions trading certification including specialist products for the aviation and marine transport sectors.

We provide value to our customers through our comprehensive testing capabilities and our investigative approach. Our services include a wide range of biofuels quality controls where we adhere to international standards such as ASTM, IP, API, EN, and ISO.

To support the move towards sustainable fuels, European Union (EU) countries have signed up to the Renewable Fuels Directive, which set targets for the introduction of all types of replacement energy sources including biofuels to reduce dependence on petroleum products. Fuels are currently required to meet EN228 and EN590 quality standards, which allow Bioethanol and FAME to be blended into conventional fuels.

Saybolt provides:

  • Certification of biofuel components to ASTM D6751and EN 14214
  • Certification of gasoline and diesel to EN228 and EN590
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories
  • Inspection/verification of raw biomass products
  • Quantification and characterization of biofuel components in mineral fuels (in accordance with E5/E10/E15/ E85 for ethanol in standard gasoline and B5/B10 for biofuel in diesel)
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Process optimization and by-product testing
  • Additive dosing and process treatments to improve product quality
  • Flow improvers, biocides and antioxidants
  • Ammonia and chemical additives used in exhaust emission systems
  • Technical and consultancy services for logistics, distribution and supply chain issues
  • Trade inspection services on bulk fuels