Precise results by optimizing the best blend in order to benefit the market value.


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The ability to create margins on fuel trading depends largely on optimal blending of components. In order to maximize your margins and to set your reputation by delivering excellent products, you need precise measuring data, sophisticated blending models and real-time field support.

Reliable prediction

We provide you with first class laboratory data and a reliable prediction of the characteristics of theoretical blends. Our blending models support non-linear blending, preferential component utilisation, price optimisation and uncertainty evaluation. We add extra blending dimensions through our vast experience with performance additives that help to achieve specification limits.

The wide range of additives on our shelves facilitates immediate laboratory trials and quick selection of the best fit-for-purpose additive.

On 24/7 bases

Sampling and the preparation and checking of laboratory blends is done on a 24/7 bases. Our blending coordinators always keep pace with the process. We are focused to keep the blending process as short as possible, while maintaining the flexibility to act immediately if blend targets should be adapted to changing circumstances.

Real-time blending

We advise about real-time blending schedules and best order of component addition in order to obtain homogeneous cargoes. The options for additive blending, be it in-line dosing, in-tank mixing, on-board blending, are discussed with technical staff of installations and you receive best scenario’s for obtaining the set targets. During the operations Saybolt is your eyes and ears and makes sure that the real-time manipulations are effective.

Create value, use Saybolt

  • Use our blending models to develop your blend scenario’s
  • Check your blending plans by our laboratory blending services
  • Prove the effectiveness of additives at tested dosage levels
  • Discuss and validate possible blending schedules for in-tank or on-board blending
  • Let us inspect on site to safeguard the operation
  • Exploit your time slots effectively by using our 24/7 availability