Special Calibrations

Additional Calibration Services

In addition to developing volumetric charts for liquid inventory control, Saybolt offers additional compliance services including:

Tank Damage Profile Diagrams

API 2350 defines critical high level as the highest level in the tank that the product can reach without detrimental impacts to the floating roof and its mechanisms. The diagram includes the effective inside height (measured from the datum plate to the top of the tank), the max fill height ( the height from the datum point to the tank’s spill point).

Tank Alarm Level Analysis

Tank alarms provide a means for monitoring fuel levels in storage tanks. These operate separately from other monitoring devices and act as a failsafe mechanism in the event of a level gauge failure.

Soil conditions, foundation design and tank loading activities weigh significantly on aboveground storage tanks allowing for settlement. Settlement could lead to failure on tank structures such as pipes and nozzles, roof support columns, welds, and the overall appearance on the tank itself.

Tank Verticality (plumbness)

When there is tank settlement there is out of roundness (ovalizing) and tank tilt.

The tank plumbness and out of round survey measures the actual deviations of the structure and compares to acceptable tolerance so as to come to a conclusion whether the structure permits proper functioning of the floating.

Other calibration services include

  • Tank Settlement Survey
  • Tank Out-of-Round Analysis