Carbon Capture

Custom evaluation programs to ensure comprehensive subsurface risk assessment and timely regulatory compliance along with quantity and quality inspection services for carbon storage monitoring, verification, and reporting.

Ask an expert today to learn more about how Carbon Storage services can help you: 

  • Perform a custom evaluation program for regulatory compliance 
  • Estimate seal capacity without having a seal sample
  • Perform monitoring, verification and reporting on your CO2 injections



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Carbon Storage Services

Core Laboratories utilizes proprietary technologies to provide insights into storage capacity and seal integrity, helping clients identify and optimize CO2 storage sites.

Core Lab can also provide quality and quantity measurements with certification for the midstream and downstream portions of the CCS value chain, providing critical assurance services for transported and stored volumes.

Reservoir Characterization

Understand geological storage potential and geochemical reactions with reservoir characterization studies.

Formation Damage

Assess impacts of thermal and chemical interactions with CO2 injection flow tests for modeling inputs.

Seal Evaluation

Gather specific modeling inputs for seal capacity and lateral extent to meet regulatory requirements.

Fluid Characterization

CO2 characterization and brine composition analysis to meet fluid chemistry requirements.

Reporting and Verification

Quantify CO2 in all phases to provide certification at production sites, pipelines and on vessels.

Injection Monitoring

Monitor plumes with specific and dedicated proprietary chemical tracers.

Quality and Quantity

Verify volumes to confirm capture efficiency and analyze purity to prepare mitigation strategies.

Well Completions

Unique perforating systems to ensure fit-for-purpose well completions

CCUS Consortium

Core Laboratories is offering an industry led consortium to address and understand the risks and challenges associated with geological storage of CO2.