Stim-Lab Consortium


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Investigation of the
Effects of Environmental Conditions and Fluids on
Fracture Conductivity

Now in it’s 37th year, the Stim-Lab Consortium:

Describes and predicts the behavior of proppants under realistic downhole conditions.

Provides tools to compare proppants and predict expected well productivity to permit economic decisions.

Benefits of Consortium Membership

  • Immediate access to more than 35 years of proppant/rheology/fracturing research and study
  • Networking and access to 40+ member companies include operators, service companies, proppant suppliers and chemical companies.
  • Research and studies are member directed
  • Independent non-biased approach to research
  • New insights into proppant /fluid/substrate behaviors as research progresses
  • Access to updated Predict-K (PDK) and Proppant Manager (PM)

Interested in joining the consortium?