Crude Oil Assays

Crude Oil Assays

Our Crude Assay and Technical Centers are state- of-the-art and offer a wide range of crude oil assay facilities, allowing maximum yield evaluation and efficient refining decisions. We offer you versatile ways to determine the properties of crude oils and condensates. We are equipped to serve you with quality assessments on very low sample amounts (mL) to large volumes (HL).

Distillation towers for ASTM D2892 and ASTM D5236 fractionation run more than 250 full distillations per year, in quantities from 2 — 200L, some of them fully automated.

Unique is our Accelerated Distillation Crude Characterization program. It consists of enhanced Potstill fractionation of 2-6L of crude oil, followed by in depth analyses of the fractions using key tests and SimDist.

We use special curve fitting and modelling to work-up this rapid testing into a useful profile of properties, if need to be as a same day service.

High temperature simulated distillation is available for quick scans of whole crude oil, especially in case low amounts of testing material is available, or time is limited.

Our 200L stainless steel, 6 meters high, distillation tower can work-up a firm hectoliter of crude oil, to deliver large oil fractions needed for research purposes,
or pilot plant studies.

Our technical centers analyze any fraction on its full chemical and physical properties, where applicable.
We know how to apply test methods for commercial products to intermediate type of fractions
and components, thus delivering meaningful test results.

We deliver full Ci-C100 profiles by merging Light Ends analysis onto the SimDist information.

Our vast crude oil library, based on decades of experience, allow us to model crude oils, to propose blends between crude oils, or to validate the results. We report no assay result without a thorough validation against our
library of 3000 crude oils.

Recently we serviced Chevron – ENI – Gazprom Neft – Kuwait Petroleum – Litasco – Maersk Oil – Mercuria – OMV – Perenco – Repsol – Shell – Total – Trafigura – Varo – Vitol and many more..