Crude Oil Q&Q Services

Quality and Quantity Services for Crude Oil

Our Crude Oil Quality and Quantity services involves the examination of physical and chemical properties of crude oil to determine its quality, suitability for refining, and compliance with contractual agreements.

The inspection process includes collecting representative samples, measuring properties such as density, viscosity, sulfur content, and water content, and analyzing the samples in a laboratory. The inspection also involves verifying the quantity of crude oil being loaded or offloaded, checking for contaminants, and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. The results of the inspection are used to determine the price of crude oil, its marketability, and its potential value to refineries.

Saybolt’s Crude Oil services incorporate crude oil quantity and quality measurement of samples sourced from ship and shore tanks, road and rail tank cars, pipeline operations, production platforms, in-line samplers and all other storage locations and operational facilities.

Loss control investigations and terminal audits can be undertaken to identify, and resolve, strategic or technical issues resulting in unassigned financial losses, and to calculate and support demurrage claims.