Leveraging our combined interdisciplinary expertise and rock properties database, Core Laboratories can D-Code™ any well. Easily optimize ROP, stability, landing zone selections and completions programs using ONLY drilling data gathered during any current or legacy program. No additional logs, tools or lab measurements required.


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The Key to Deciphering Any Well

Decrease risk of wellbore instability, mud loss, and costly drilling and completion issues.

Each of the following modeled outputs are available without any additional logs, tools or lab measurements.

  • Young’s Modulus
  • Poisson’s Ratio
  • UCS
  • Brittleness
  • Formation Pressur
  • Minimum Mud Weight from 0-90
  • Closure Pressure
  • Fracture Pressure
  • Principal Stress
  • Fracture Identification
Modeled Outputs Delivered without any additional downhole tools or measurements

Common Applications

  • Visualize lithological variation and geomechanical facies outside of cored wells
  • Optimize weight on bit, mud weights, and ROP
  • Analyze legacy lateral or vertical wells
  • Optimize casing points
  • Identify fractures or faults
  • Optimize completion design utilizing mechanical and pressure variability enhanced with pore pressure variance analysis based on study data integrations