Dual Energy CT

Early-time 3D visualization with preliminary lithological description, high resolution bulk density, photoelectric factor, porosity, unconfined compressive strength, and dynamic sonic values.

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  • Perform a detailed fracture analysis and field stress profile
  • Select samples more intelligently
  • Obtain a preliminary lithological description upon core receipt
  • Digitally archive core in its native state while in the liner

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Digital Rock

Dual Energy CT


Empirically derived reservoir characterization data using high-frequency CT to enhance core analytical programs.

  • Fracture Analysis with FMI Orientation
  • Machine Learning Sample Selection
  • Slab Orientation Determination
  • Virtual Plug Assessment
  • Digital Core Archival

Interact with 3D Dual Energy CT images through RAPID™ which eliminates the need to download external programs or store large files.

  • Grid Layout and Zoom
  • View and Export Dual Energy CT Data
  • Circumferential, Axial and Virtual Slab Views
  • Exact Position Depth and Orientation with Tooltip Feature
  • Virtual Plug Acquisition
  • Feature Measurement Tool

RAPID™ Dual Energy CT Viewer