Electrical Properties

Provides formation-specific parameters for validation of log-based water saturation models.

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  • Derive as-received Archie’s Parameters on tight samples 
  • Support your CO2 injection monitoring program 
  • Determine bypassed low resistivity pay zones 
  • Understand permittivity for dielectric log calibration

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Electrical Properties

Electrical Properties laboratory measurements provide the Archie Model Cementation and Saturation Exponents required for validation of log-based water saturation models. Additional proprietary measurements can also provide data for calibration of modern logs for water saturation modeling.

Formation Factor and Resistivity Index

Determination of Archie’s Cementation and Saturation exponents using plug samples

As-Received Electrical Properties

Multifaceted approach utilizing high-frequency NMR and RwCore™ for quick, nondestructive formation water resistivity determination of Archie’s Parameters on fresh or preserved core samples. Ideal for mudstone lithologies.

Dielectric Log Calibration 

Sw Profiler provides insights into permittivity for wireline-log calibration and quantifying excess conductivity, wettability and water saturation.