Enhanced Oil Recovery

Understanding the chemical and physical behavior during secondary and tertiary recovery processes is critical for maximizing hydrocarbon recovery and minimizing residual oil saturation.

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  • Optimize facility requirements for cyclic gas injection

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Flow Studies

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is a proven process that can increase the amount of recoverable oil through secondary or tertiary recovery methods. Various core and fluid analytical laboratory methods can be used to evaluate the EOR potential as well as identify potential problems that can occur.

EOR Methods

  • Water Flood
  • Water Alternating Gas
  • Gas Injection
  • Chemical Flooding
  • Steam Flooding

EOR Testing

  • Solubility Swelling
  • Minimum Miscibility – Rising Bubble or Slim Tube
  • Multi-Contact and Equilibrium-Contact
  • Gas Revaporization/Recycling
  • Cyclic Gas Injection
  • Core Flooding
  • Interfacial Tension and Contact Angle