Frac Optimization

Unlock your reservoir’s potential by combining our expertise in core-based engineering modeling and industry-leading completion diagnostic analysis for precise frac modeling and optimal completion design.

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  • Improve frac height growth estimations in thin-bed reservoirs
  • Select the optimal completion strategy for your reservoir
  • Ensure even stage contribution and consistent perforations

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Asset Evaluation

Frac Optimization

Maximize Your Fracturing Efficiency and Unleash Reservoir Potential with Core Lab’s Integrated Frac Optimization Solutions.

Frac Modeling

Evaluate thin-bed and high contrast stress changes by combining GOHFER (Grid-Oriented Hydraulic Fracture Extension Replicator), a leading tool for fracture design optimization, with our proprietary calculation of Reservoir Geomechanical Heterogeneity Index (RGHI).

Completion Diagnostics

Measure stimulation coverage, post-treatment fluid dynamics, and zonal hydrocarbon production response with ProTechnics’ completion diagnostic tracers to better understand performance variance due to completion strategies.

Production Modeling

Evaluate various treatment options including fracture geometry, proppant, reservoir properties, and fracture fluid to quantify potential post-frac performance using our proprietary Predict K application.