Petrology and Mineralogy

Determine mineral and clay compositions, texture, microstructures, and burial history to understand the formation and distribution of reservoirs and confining layers.

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  • Find analog petrophysical data using thin section images
  • Identify reservoir rock composition that contributes to formation damage risks
  • Understand the impacts of clay conductivity on other laboratory measurements

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Petrology and Mineralogy

Virtual Petrography

Use RAPIDZoom, a high-resolution thin section platform, to perform cloud-based petrography or access petrographic reports from any browser. View the entire thin section online at high magnification, annotate and measure features, and export report images. Grain-size measurements or advanced petrographic data such as Touchstone™ collected by expert in-house geoscientists can be quickly delivered, accessed, and referenced online. Viewing, sharing, and archiving thin section images has never been easier.

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XRD Mineralogy

Understand mineral and detailed clay compositions to avoid formation damage from fluid-rock reactions and optimize log models and hydraulic fracturing. Develop a ground-truth understanding of mineral compositions to properly assess reservoir controls and properties. Answer questions related to clay diagenesis, silica diagenesis, corrosion inhibition, and production.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Identify and assess the spatial distribution of clay minerals or organic matter (AIM-SEM) with high-resolution and high-magnification SEM imaging. Identify clay morphologies and micro-textural controls on rock quality quickly using secondary electron and back-scatter electron imaging and supplement with elemental data derived by EDX for a more complete compositional analysis.