Non-Invasive Technologies

NITRO℠ (Non-Invasive Technologies for Reservoir Optimization) provides quick high-resolution reservoir property data before full core processing.

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  • Perform intelligent sample selection based on lithofacies
  • Generate estimated porosity, UCS, Vp/Vs, and mineralogy profiles within days
  • Identify trace minerals from thin-bed reservoirs

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Digital Rock Characterization


These non-invasive technologies can be integrated to provide a wide range of measured and modeled mineralogical, lithological and petrophysical profiles for early time analysis and decision making. Data is delivered in advance of the physical laboratory measurements, with some available within 48 hours of sample receipt.

Spectral Gamma

Depth shift the core to log gamma response and identify key indicators with detection of Ur, K, and Th.

Dual Energy CT

Early-time 3D visualization to provide preliminary lithological description, high resolution bulk density, photoelectric factor, porosity, unconfined compressive strength, and dynamic sonic values.

Machine Learning Sample Selection

Utilize machine learning models that analyze data from NITRO℠ and well logs to provide intelligent sample selection recommendations.

Interactive High-Res Slab Photography

RAPIDZoom Slab displays detailed core images through an interactive web-based viewer with annotation and measurement capabilities.

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Continuous XRF

High-resolution elemental data that can be integrated into complex geochemical and reservoir models to understand key reservoir properties.