Petrophysical Modeling

Utilize regional and formation specific petrophysical models based on measured core analysis data from thousands of wells in over 250 reservoir characterization studies.

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  • Model logs in prospective acreage to reduce risk
  • Perform a landing zone evaluation using only open hole logs
  • Refine core-calibrated petrophysical regional models incorporating core data from your core

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Asset evaluation

Petrophysical Modeling

Rock-Based Approach to Log Analysis

Enhance reservoir formation evaluation with a rock-based approach to log analysis by integrating wireline log and laboratory measured data with well-known principles, industry leading expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Our services include:

  • Landing Zone Evaluation
  • Core-calibrated petrophysical models 
  • Attribute maps and cross sections 
  • Infill modeling of existing log suites  
  • Reserves estimation  
  • Log modelling for active prospecting