Rock Properties

Fundamental measurements of rock quality and saturations for wireline log calibration and understanding reservoir potential.

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  • Identify rock properties such as permeability, porosity, and saturations
  • Understand evaporative losses from crushed rock analysis
  • Define bound versus mobile fluid volumes in as-received samples

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Rock Properties

Unconventional Lithologies

The PRISMTM integrated workflow delivers quick and accurate porosity and saturation data with insights into fluid distribution within tight pore structures. Multiple analytical technologies including High-Frequency NMR (23 MHz), multi-heat rate pyrolysis, and GRI crushed rock analysis provide inputs for refining petrophysical models and improving estimates of recoverable hydrocarbon. 

Conventional Lithologies

These essential measurements provide the necessary data for interpreting of storage (porosity) and flow (permeability) capacity. Residual fluid saturations provide an indication of probably production.