Characterization and identification of crucial depositional and lithological features to help define geologic history, determine controls on reservoir quality, and assess lateral landing targets and potential mechanical barriers.

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  • Identify and characterize reservoir properties, such as lithologies, lithofacies, depositional texture and fabric, pore types, and diagenetic processes
  • Support well completions and reservoir management decisions
  • Quantify and identify fractures using 3D CT Modeling

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Interactive High-Res Slab Photography

RAPIDZoom Slab displays detailed core images through an interactive web-based virtual viewer with annotation and measurement capabilities.

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Core Description

Characterize lithology, sedimentary structures, bedding, fossils, and any other macro-features of the rock alongside well logs. Detailed core descriptions help identify depositional environments and reservoir geometry to pinpoint textural controls on reservoir quality.

Fracture Analysis

Visual assessments of macro-fractures integrated with Dual Energy CT to determine fracture type, orientation, aperture width, and total number.


Define and quantify reservoir potential for highly laminated rock, such as distal turbidities or channel levee deposits. The high-resolution net-to-gross calculations can provide an enhanced understanding of thin-bedded systems and help evaluate “low-contrast/low-resistivity” reservoirs.