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Evaluate Frac Fluid Profiles and Hydraulic Communication with SPECTRACHEM®

The SPECTRACHEM® service involves injecting water tracers at low concentrations into different frac stages or segments of laterals. Subsequent flowback samples from treatment and offset wells are analyzed providing precise flowback profiles and offset communication.

Common Applications:

  • Frac Fluid Cleanup Efficiency
  • Flow Assurance Across Horizonal Laterals
  • Completion Optimization Strategy
  • Hydraulic Communication

Flow Assurance

SPECTRACHEM® tracer data identifying a wellbore obstruction between stages 10 and 11. This confirmed the decision to perform a cleanout run and return flow from the full length of the lateral.

Cloud Based Data Delivery

Accessible via interactive dashboard to benchmark against basin metrics such as Known Lateral Contribution and Communication Intensity.

Sample analysis begins at first flowback through 6+ months and includes:

  • Dedicated sample coordinator
  • Highest QC standards through adoption of
    EPA quality control management practices
  • Parts Per Trillion (PPT) reporting limit
  • Formation ion analysis (Na, Ca, K, Mg, Cl)
  • Standard analysis completed in <5 days
  • Express analysis results within 24 hrs

SPECTRACHEM® tracers are compatible with commonly used stimulation fluids and are non-radioactive, HSE friendly, and non-naturally occurring.