Training Courses

Training Courses

In the oil and gas industry, training is essential to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. At Saybolt, we provide comprehensive training programs on oil products, blending and bunkering, as well as other critical topics.

Our training programs cover a wide range of subjects, including the production and properties of oil products like gasoline and gas oil. We believe it’s important for employees to understand the processes involved in producing these products and how their properties can affect their performance in various applications. Our expert instructors provide in-depth knowledge on the topic, ensuring that your employees are well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise.

We also provide training on how oil products are blended and how to test their quality and specifications. Blending is a critical aspect of the industry, as it allows for the creation of products with specific properties and characteristics. Our training covers the different types of blending methods, as well as the testing procedures used to ensure that products meet the required quality and specification standards.

Biodiesel is another important area of our training programs. As the world continues to move towards sustainable and renewable energy sources, biodiesel is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Our training covers the production of biodiesel, its properties, and how it can be blended with other fuels to create customized products.

Finally, our training on bunkering is designed to help employees understand the complex logistics and regulations involved in fueling ships. Bunkering is a critical process that requires precise planning and execution to ensure that ships are fueled safely and efficiently. Our training covers everything from the different types of fuels used in bunkering to the procedures for testing fuel quality and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Our expert instructors ensure that your employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs safely and efficiently, and we believe that our training programs are essential for any business operating in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and how we can help your employees succeed.