Core Stabilization and Wellsite Logistics

Stabilizing and properly transporting core material from the wellsite is essential for maintaining quality for reservoir characterization studies.

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  • Preserve unconsolidated cores without the need for freezing
  • Maintain and monitor desired core temperature and condition during transport
  • Acquire and preserve samples at the wellsite or in remote locations
  • Safely handle large diameter core barrels onshore or offshore

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Core Stabilization and Wellsite Logistics

Core Stabilization

CoreSta™ is a proprietary epoxy stabilization technique for friable and unconsolidated core material that ensures stabilization in the liner.

Core Freezing

Full barrel freezing of unconsolidated or friable core at the wellsite. Real-time temperature monitoring ensures core remains in a frozen state for safe handling and transportation.


CoreSafesm is a rig-certified insulated and monitored transportation container with both temperature and shock/tilt sensors. CoreTrackersm, a GPS tracking service, can be added to deliver geolocation information in both live view and via email/text notifications.

Sample Acquisition and Preservation

Acquisition equipment can be mobilized to any wellsite for all immediate sampling needs. CoreSeal™ wax, ProteCore™ pouches, and other preservation methods ensure proper sample conditions are maintained.