Mud Tracing Services

Utilize tracers to accurately determine and correct for drilling mud invasion on core saturations and formation fluid samples.

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  • Determine the amount of drilling mud invasion that has occurred
  • Select a suitable tracer based on analytical objectives and budget
  • Measure and correct for true formation water resistivity (Rw)

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Mud Tracing Services

Invasion™ Profiler

Recommend for water and oil-based drilling fluids to measure and correct for filtrate invasion in coring and drilling operations. The tracers can be used individually or simultaneously, and are injected into the mud system prior to coring or formation fluid sampling. Safe to transport, handle, store and dispose of normally.

  • CMT-1000: oil soluble tracer used in oil-based drilling mud systems
  • Tritiated Water: water soluble tracer used in the water phase of drilling mud systems

Deuterium Oxide

Can be used as an alternative tracer to tritiated water in water-based drilling mud systems. Naturally occurring in formations requiring a larger volume to overcome background concentrations.


Added to the water base mud systems. Invasion is determined by leaching the volume of salt left in the core.