Completion Tools

Core Laboratories’ Owen Oil Tools division leads the industry in developing completions technology to help maximize oil and gas recovery by optimizing your connection to the reservoir. Owen Oil Tools offers innovative and unparalleled downhole solutions that enhance well-profitability, efficiency, and longevity.


  • Combine state-of-the-art technical innovations and equipment dependability to deliver top-notch performance that reduces capital expenditure and saves time.
  • Increase the production and recovery of oil and gas by using multistage fracturing techniques, remote signaling capabilities, and dissolvable products.

Toe Initiations

Reliably test casing, initiate the fracturing process, and increase production.

Zonal Isolation

Provides a barrier to reduce unwanted water and/or gas production bleeding to reduce lifting costs.

Setting Tools And Energetics

Dependable, field-proven tools for plug/packer setting operations with industry-leading power charges and ignitors.

Differential Subs & Circulating Valves

Temporary or removable barriers to isolate downhole pressure during tubing installation.

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