Zonal Isolation

Core Laboratories’ broad portfolio of zonal isolation products and services eliminates presetting of plugs and patches with high-performing and dependable sealing technologies. We continue to refine our products to solve zonal isolation challenges in every well environment. Increase productivity, save costs, and minimize operational risks in your isolation operations.

Our Products

Owen Oil Tools provides clients with a wide range of bridge plugs that can be used to isolate a lower zone from an upper zone in a well.


Excellent resistance to downhole chemicals.

Magna Range

Designed to withstand differential pressure of 10,000 PSI at 350° F.


Performance that saves time and money.

Owen Oil Tool’s Casing Patch technologies provide reliable, durable, and proven seals over perforations, splits, corrosions, or leaks in all types of tubulars.


Reliable, economical, proven metal-to-metal sealing system for zonal isolation or tubing/casing repair.


Large bore ensures easy passage of service tools. Ideal for gas shut-off applications.


Multi-crossover connection options and applications. Extremely high mechanical performance.


Short design for quick removal. Elastomer-free for high-temperature applications.

Effective zonal isolation is essential for ensuring optimal stimulated reservoir volume.


Identify and Precisely Determine Near-Wellbore Proppant Placement


Memory spectral gamma ray logging service specifically designed to identify and precisely determine near-wellbore traced proppant placement. 

Diagnostic Applications

Confidently make decisions around common challenges such as plug failures, pipe leakage, cement integrity, and rotating casing.

Owen Oil Tools offers a variety of high-quality setting tools that can help you optimize your remediation operations.


Performance driven – Shorty setting tools for PDP and P&A environments.

GoSet™ – Disposable

Factory built and quality assured to work one time, every time.

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