Middle East Tracer Diagnostics

Core Lab is a trusted partner in completion diagnostics with a rich legacy spanning over 80 years on a global scale. We bring unmatched expertise to the forefront of the industry, covering a wide spectrum of completion solutions, including conventional completions, acid stimulation, reservoir monitoring, and unconventional fracturing.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to tackle complex challenges, from optimizing stimulation placement to conducting production profiling for inflow monitoring. Discover how our decades of experience and cutting-edge technologies can elevate your completions operations to new heights.

Middle East locations:

Kuwait City, Kuwait  |  Khobar, Saudi Arabia  |  Doha, Qatar  |  Abu Dhabi, UAE  |  Fujairah, UAE

EOR and IOR Tracers

SPECTRAFLOOD™ is an interwell tracer diagnostic service that comprises a versatile array of unique chemical tracers designed to track the movement of injected fluids within the reservoir.

EOR/IOR diagnostic projects address specific objectives such as:

Communication Paths
  • Breakthrough time
  • Injected water distribution
  • Swept pore volume
Unswept Oil
  • Best patterns for tertiary recovery
  • Injector placement
  • Pattern modification
Flow Type
  • Layer effects
  • Thief zones
  • Natural fracture communication
Partitioning Tracers

Core Lab’s suite of non-radioactive, chemical tracers are selected specifically for their unique range of partitioning coefficients when interacting with hydrocarbons at a broad range of reservoir conditions.

Stimulation Optimization

Along with fluid diagnostics, SPECTRASTIM™ proppant tracers are utilized in acid stimulations, refracs, and propped stimulations to evaluate:

  • Acid/Sand placement
  • Diversion effectiveness
  • Plug performance and cement integrity
  • Frac height
  • Landing zone selection
  • Where are natural fractures (avoided or exploited)

Inflow Monitoring

PhaseTrace and FlowTrace

Polymer embedded oil and water tracers provide long term identification of fluid type inflow and contribution on a zonal basis from your reservoir.