Our fluids business focuses on crude oil and its derived products and operates under our trade name Saybolt. We service the energy industry with laboratory analyses, independent field inspections as well as monitoring and verification programs. While technological innovation has increased exponentially since we began offering our services in 1898, the basic principles of inspection remain constant: to provide swift, accurate and reliable data. Independence and Integrity are the unshakable cornerstones of our operations.

By continuing our innovative way of working, we are shaping the future of the inspection industry.

From the very early days of petroleum industry, we have developed into a multidisciplinary service provider. We have offices and laboratories strategically located throughout the world.

Our clients and partners include major oil companies, chemical industries, traders, shippers, buyers and insurance interests. We also specialize in representing governmental institutions and international organizations, such as the European Union and the United Nations and their specialized agencies and programs.