ProTechTalk Gallery

Oil & Gas Industry Expert Panel Discussions Led by ProTechnics

Optimizing Completion Placement: Strategies for Effective Zonal Containment” from URTeC 2024

This panel explores various methods and strategies to optimize completion placement, ensuring effective zonal containment.

Trevor Ingle, Trevor McIntosh, Mike Richardson, Taylor Young

Making Sense of “All That Data” (ATCE 2022)

Held at the 2022 SPE ATCE, this discussion focuses on diagnostic data set integration and the impact on development decisions.

Ali Daneshy, Ohm Lorwongngam, Venky Ramanathan

Connecting Your Frac to the Rock (URTeC 2022)

Held at the 2022 Unconventional Resource Technology Conference (URTeC), this discussion focuses on understanding the reservoir impact on completions.

Dena Demboski, Colin McGonagill, Dr. Mukul Sharma

Shoot First and Ask Questions Later. Wait… Don’t Do That

Evolving perforating strategies and completion design. From oriented perforating to cement quality, stage design, fluid types, and plug selection.

David Cramer, William Hunter, Malcolm Kintzing

Insights and Highlights from SPE ATCE

Expanded coverage of papers presented at ATCE 2021.

Practical Applications of Diagnostic Data Science in Drilling and Completions

Breaking Through the Boundary: Are HVFR and Landing Target The Solution? A Charlie Lake Exploitation Strategy

Dave Erickson, Cole Mombourquette, Chad Senters

Modern Simul-fracs – Downhole Implications

Our esteemed panelists will discuss the simultaneous stimulation of multiple wells to offer these improvements as well as the downhole implications of this technique.

Mike Mayerhofer, Ali Daneshy, Gerardo Torres