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Biofuel services

Without a first generation there is no second generation

Apart from the specialism Saybolt has developed in the field the testing of biofuels from rapeseed and soya, Saybolt was also one of the first to enter into the testing phase of Jatropha oils. This biofuel does not compete with food crops as it is poisonous, but also grows on marginal land, where food crops do not grow.

Quality control is vital

As biofuels are chemically less stable than mineral oils, quality control is vital. When you want to be sure about your biodiesel logistics chain, contact Saybolt. Submit marketing samples for testing; ask for superintendence for loading and discharge; let us check storage facilities and ask our opinion about material compatibility.

Biodiesel mixtures

Biodiesel (FAME) mixtures are surprisingly diverse and behave in a different manner from the known fossil diesel fuels. Reduce your risks. Partner with Saybolt

Saybolt can test all your biofuels against the relevant EN 14214 and ASTM D 6751 norms, and can closely monitor your biofuel transport chain.

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