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Marine Fuels

Marine Fuels

Marine Fuels

Had enough of marine bunker fuel shortages and quality problems? Would you like to reduce the risks of machinery failure, and maximize fuel consumption?

We can monitor your bunker deliveries by safeguarding the quantity and quality of bunker fuels delivered to your vessel in ports anywhere in the world. Our impartial surveys are internationally recognized, add value and are cost effective. All that is needed is one call to our marine contact desk in Rotterdam.

Worldwide coverage

Our global sampling logistics enable worldwide coverage, and we guarantee a fast turnaround of test results from our laboratories.

Our straightforward and fast reporting gives a complete overview at a glance, enabling all necessary steps to alleviate and prevent quantity or quality deficiencies

Additional services

We can provide your operational team with Marine Fuel Training Courses to heighten awareness of problem areas, and – when problems are identified – we will assist you in handling any claims.

Accurate fuel quality data enables the reduction of legal operational risks, e.g. breaching MARPOL Annex VI sulphur emission regulations in SECA’s (Sulphur Emission Control Areas).

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