Agri Inspections

Port services

Our agricultural commodities inspection services form a key component of the delicate mechanisms of agricultural commodities’ world trade.

Following rigorous processes built over our 120+-year inspection experience, we perform, inter alia:

  • Vessels holds or tanks, and containers surveys.
  • Supervision of carriers’ loading and discharge operations.
  • Weighing supervision/quantity assessment; draft surveys.
  • Sampling, strictly following prescribed methods.

The certificates we issue as a result of our work are trusted by all trade participants, and form the basis on which transactions are settled.

Our capabilities cover oils, fats, and oleochemicals, oilseeds, grains, protein meals, and other agricultural products.

We operate a unique digital platform, capturing and storing all our inspection data, allowing us to deliver reports in the shortest time, and to propose digital interface to our clients.

Inland Services

The agricultural supply-chain expands well beyond ports, both upstream and downstream. At Saybolt, we work next to our clients at each step of the way.

Our offering includes:

  • Inland product reception, quantity, and quality controls, at elevators, processing plants, tank farms.
  • Inland dispatches supervision, reducing the risk of off-grade product being sent to expensive port storage
  • Delivery and releases supervision at destination storage.
  • Processing, packing, etc. supervision.
  • Other ad hoc services.