Agri Risk Control

Collateral and inventory verification and monitoring

These services act as risks mitigants, in situations where commodities owned by or pledged to traders or financial institutions are held in third parties’ facilities.

We provide, for agricultural, energy, and M&M commodities:

  • Ad hoc inventory checks
  • Stocks monitoring (continuous or recurring)
  • Inspections, audits, and due diligence of storage facilities


  • Risk mitigation (fraud, undetected deterioration, inadequate storage conditions)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Favourable insurance terms
  • Easier securitisation, syndication, borrowing base management
  • Services provided by a global, publicly-listed TIC player
  • A specialised global team, with long-standing experience and in-depth understanding in CTF processes and current challenges

Supply-chain risk management

The agriculture supply-chain, from farm to destination users, is fraught with risks of product loss. With 120-year of experience in commodities inspection, sampling and testing, and our global network, we are best-placed to assist our clients in loss control and reduction.

We achieve this by a strict application of identical methods at every step of the supply chain, as described in our “Inspection” section, and the detection of any faulty process. Our unique global inspection data collection and reporting system acts in support of this high value-added service.