Quantify Multi-Phase
Post-Fracture Production Performance

COMPLETION PROFILER® is the industry’s premier production profiling service, designed to perform in post-stimulation environments, providing the most accurate analysis of production performance.

Production Profiling Capabilities

Comprised of multiple memory based sensors used to measure producing fluid properties and velocities, COMPLETION PROFILER® is extremely effective in:

  • Quantifying Multi-Phase Production down to the Perf Cluster
  • Identifying Near-Wellbore Skin Damage
  • Correlating Production Performance to Reservoir Rock Quality
  • Measuring the Effects of Horizontal Wellbore Placement and lateral length
  • Determining the Effects of Liquid Loading and Flow Regime
  • Evaluating Completion Mechanics, Design, and Execution

COMPLETION PROFILER® utilizes a proprietary spinner design for adverse conditions, ensuring the highest data quality in high sand or debris environments and low velocity flow conditions. The rugged design ensures reliable operation in temperatures up to 350º F (176º C) and pressures up to 20,000 psi.