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The Most Precise Tracer Delivery System for Profiling Hydrocarbon Production and Communication Over Time

FLOWPROFILER™ Oil tracers with the Engineered Delivery System (EDS) are designed to be placed within the propped fracture network. Chemically engineered to bond specifically with ProTechnics oil tracers, FLOWPROFILER™ EDS beads are injected along with the proppant for each traced segment.

Common Applications:

  • Stage Contribution
  • A/B Testing
  • Effects of Geologic Features
  • Depletion Effects
  • Well Spacing
  • Lateral Length and Trajectory

FLOWPROFILER™ Oil tracers are compatible with commonly used stimulation fluids and are non-radioactive, HSE friendly, and non-naturally occurring.

Stage by Stage Hydrocarbon Profiling

FLOWPROFILER™ Oil tracers demonstrating little to no contribution from stages drilled out of zone.

Production Thievery

Percentage of well performance attributed to thievery from other wells in the section

Sample analysis begins at first oil production through 6+ months and includes:

  • Dedicated sample coordinator
  • Highest QC standards through adoption of
    EPA quality control management practices
  • Parts Per Trillion (PPT) reporting limit
  • Formation ion analysis (Na, Ca, K, Mg, Cl)
  • Standard analysis completed in <5 days
  • Express analysis results within 24 hrs

Testing shows no difference in liquid vs activated charcoal performance
due to crushing/dispersion.

The advantage of precise placement with FLOWPROFILER™ Oil EDS

Solid tracer delivery system achieves precise placement and more accurate production profiling.


Engineered beads available in 40/70 or 100 mesh

Specific Gravity (SG) of 2.45

Temperature rated to 400° F (204° C)