Discover new insights into the reservoir with specifically designed analytical visualizations of geological, petrophysical, and engineering data sets.

Ask an expert today to learn more about how RAPID™Analytics can help you: 

  • Populate pre-built Spotfire™ templates with new data 
  • Evaluate multiple data sets from our Joint Industry Projects in seconds 
  • Compare proprietary data against measured data from our global database of reservoir characterization studies

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Building upon the data hosted within RAPID™, RAPID™Analytics streamlines the process of data exploration by minimizing the time required for searching and formatting. It provides an efficient and effective method to navigate through extensive geological, engineering, and petrophysical datasets which allows for faster insights and better-informed decision-making 

By seamlessly integrating the TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player with the RAPID™ database, this service transforms multi-user analytics, equipping professionals and decision-makers with interactive analysis applications and real-time data updates. RAPIDLink™ offers customizable options and access to proprietary data, serving as your portal to increased productivity and unparalleled data-driven decision-making. 

  • Consortia Project Data on Desktop in Seconds
  • Pre-built Graphs Populated with Fresh Data
  • Powerful Filter and Export Options
  • Proprietary Data Can Be Loaded and Analyzed