Stim Lab: Well Completion Testing and Eeservoir Analysis

Stim-Lab is the oil and gas industry's foremost provider of a broad range of research and testing services for drilling, cementing, completion and stimulation design, additive evaluation, petrology and reservoir analysis.

For more than 38 years our expertise in research and testing has provided answers in the key areas of industry specialization including:

  • • Proppant Characterization
  • • Rock Properties
  • • Completion Engineering
  • • Rheological Characterization

Stim-Lab has the experience and proficiency needed to fully evaluate your problem, and propose an effective testing regime. In cases where the testing does not meet our standard offerings, we can design and manufacture testing equipment to answer our customer's needs.

"We offer laboratory solutions not laboratory data." Mike Conway, Ph. D.

"As a customer for several years, I counted on Stim-Lab for quality data and results. Now as a member of the Stim-Lab team I more fully appreciate the level of experience and competency that goes into each project and outcome." Bob Duenckel, VP StimLab

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