Crude Oil

Saybolt’s Crude Oil services incorporate crude oil quantity and quality measurement of samples sourced from ship and shore tanks, road and rail tank cars, pipeline operations, production platforms, in-line samplers and all other storage locations and operational facilities.

Loss control investigations and terminal audits can be undertaken to identify, and resolve, strategic or technical issues resulting in unassigned financial losses, and to calculate and support demurrage claims.

Crude Oil Services

Crude Oil Assays

Our Crude Assay and Technical Centers are state- of-the-art and offer a wide range of crude oil assay facilities, allowing maximum yield evaluation and efficient refining decisions. 

Crude Oil Q&Q Services

Our Crude Oil Quality and Quantity services involves the examination of physical and chemical properties of crude oil to determine its quality, suitability for refining, and compliance with contractual agreements.

One stop shopping

In Rotterdam and Houston we have established coordination centres to harmonise Saybolt Crude Oil operations on an international basis, providing “one-stop shopping” for traders and operators.

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