Completion Evaluation

Our Production Enhancement Segment consisting of ProTechnics, Owen Oil Tools, and Stim-Lab provides cutting-edge completion diagnostic services that are accurate and proven, providing the information required to allow you to send more oil and gas down the pipeline, deliver incremental production, and reduce production costs.

Completion Evaluation Services

3AB – Process Driven A/B Testing

Field trials, lab testing, and data analytics combine to de-risk decision making, creating a statistically relevant data set in just two to three wells.


Identify and precisely determine near-wellbore proppant placement


Memory spectral gamma ray logging service specifically designed to identify and precisely determine near-wellbore traced proppant placement. 


Delivering tracer to the formation via our enhanced perforating system, GoTrace provides the ability to uniquely profile flowback and hydrocarbon production.

Inflow Tracers


Polymer embedded oil and water tracers provide long term identification of fluid type inflow and contribution on a zonal basis from your reservoir.


PACKSCAN® is a memory gamma-density logging service designed primarily for offshore operations. Combined with SPECTRASCAN®, it is the industry’s only tool capable of simultaneously evaluating the frac placement and annular pack quality in frac pack completions.

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