Owen Instrumentation

Designed and manufactured by Owen Instrumentation (OI), the advanced Precision Perforating Control System provides a unique range of perforating control instruments and equipment developed to provide advantages over existing acquisition technology.

OI Platform assists with:

  • Accuracy and Reliability
  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Reduces Risk and Hidden Costs through Automation

We ensure the quality and reliability of equipment by keeping our design, manufacture, and quality control facilities in-house.

Our Services

Control all Owen Instrumentation tools during perforation operations.

Sentinel Acquisition System

Ensure engineers do not have to switch between multiple systems with one software package.

Simple and cost-effective release devices for perforating guns.

Ballistics Release Tool (BRT)

Simple, cost-effective release device for perforating guns.

Addressable Release Tools (ART)

Three fail-safe systems incorporated into tool design.

Multi-Conductor Addressable Release Tools (MRT)

For use in long-reach horizontal or deviated wells with open-hole tools.

Combine tools to ensure your application is completed accurately and efficiently for your application.

Metal Anomaly Tool (MAT)

Detect second strings of casing or cables behind casing that are 1/2″ or larger in size.

Accelerometer Orientation Tool (AOT)

Utilize in wellbores where high accuracy is required.

Prevent the rotation or movement of the tool or perforating string.

Gun Brake System (GBS)

Prevent any movement of the perforating string during operations.

Power controls and accessories designed to give you the advantage when perforating.

Shock Absorbers (SAT)

Shock protection for sensitive tool-string elements.

Knuckle Joint (KJO-Perf)

Ensure optimal sensor placement in the wellbore.

Adapters & Crossovers (LAH)

Allows tools from multiple companies to be run in conjunction with each other.

Swivel Joints (SJO)

Extend the life of a cable and reduce the likelihood of the cable bird caging.