Rock Properties

Our Instruments Division works closely with our diverse range of laboratories to create, test, and tailor equipment that precisely meets the requirements of any reservoir characterization study. Leveraging our Instruments Division to equip your laboratory guarantees access to customized tools, meticulously configured by our team of technical experts.

This comprehensive service offers a complete, “one-stop” solution for a turn-key laboratory package. In addition to top-notch equipment, Core Lab also delivers robust calculation and database software solutions, accompanied by comprehensive training conducted by our team of laboratory analysis experts to address all your reservoir description needs, including PVT, Core, and EOR analyses.

Rock Properties Instruments

Routine Rock Properties Instruments

Routine Rock Properties instruments measure the properties of core samples, providing a physical model of reservoir characterization. The measured data are used to define storage capacity (porosity), the magnitude and distribution of flow capacity (permeability), and fluid saturation, as well as lithology and other parameters.