Joint Industry Projects

Quickly find and exploit petrophysical relationships by using RAPIDAnalytics™ and Spotfire™ to compare proprietary well data against multiple studies and parameters. With over 250 regional studies performed throughout the world, Core Laboratories has expertise in your area of interest.

Ask an expert today to learn more about how Core Lab’s Joint Industry Projects can help you: 

  • Obtain vast amounts of data to assist in decisions before asset acquisition
  • Help identify reservoir sweet spots
  • Identify reservoirs that are candidates for carbon sequestration
  • Reduce risk for international exploration



Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Côte d’Ivoire (Phase IV 2024)

CCUS Consortium

Worldwide Rock Catalog™ Phase 2

Worldwide Rock Catalog™

Relative Permeability Database

Global Tight Gas Sands Study

Shale Reservoirs Global

Sub-Andean Basins Regional Petroleum Geochemistry of Crude Oils

Petroleum Geology of the Pre Salt of the South Atlantic Margins Phase II – Brazil

Peru: Regional Reservoirs and Seals

Northern Argentina

Colombia-Caballos Formation Study

Brazil – Santos Basin

Transform Margins – Reservoirs and Seals: The Equatorial Basins of Brasil – 2015 Extension

Transform Margins : Reservoirs and Seals – The Equatorial Basins of Brasil

Pre-Salt Brazil – Santos and Campos Basins

North East Basins, Brazil – Reservoirs and Seals

Central Atlantic Margins – Suriname (Phase I) and Guyana (Phase II)

Brazil – Deepwater Campos Basin

Brazil – Cretaceous Carbonates of S.E. Margin

Brazil – Central Offshore Basins

Bolivia Sub-Andean Belt & Boomerang Hills

Atlantic Argentina Reservoirs and Seals

West Siberia Reservoir Rock Catalog

Reservoirs and Seals of the Cuu Long, Nam Con Son and Malay Thu Chu basins, Vietnam

Timor Gap / Bonaparte Basin

Tarakan Basin Sequence Stratigraphy / Geochemistry

Sakhalin Reservoir

Sakhalin Island Hydrocarbon Source Potential of Miocene and Oligocene Siliceous Rocks

Pearl River Mouth Basin

Irian Jaya & Papua New Guinea

Regional Evaluations of Gas Shales, Indonesia

Indonesia Coals

Gulf of Thailand Petroleum Geology

East Natuna, Indonesia

Foreland Basins of Eastern Indonesia

Petroleum Geology of the East China Sea

Deepwater Asia Study*

Cambodia/OCA Petroleum Geology

Bangladesh Petroleum Geology

Atlantic Ireland Phase II – Fastnet & Celtic Sea Basins

Atlantic Ireland Reservoirs & Seals

Atlantic Canada Reservoirs and Seals – Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia

Yemen Rock Catalog

West Africa Geochemistry

East Africa – Phase I – Reservoirs and Seals Tanzania

Pre-Salt of the South Atlantic Margin Phase III Pre Salt Carbonates, West Africa

Petroleum Geology of the Pre Salt of the South Atlantic Margins Phase I – West Africa

Regional Rock-based Evaluation of Pre-Salt Reservoirs Onshore and Offshore Angola

Reservoirs and Seals, Onshore and Offshore Basins of Gabon

Regional Reservoir and Seal Study Mozambique Basins

Niger Delta Reservoirs

Niger Delta Geochemistry

Libya Reservoirs – Phase II, Offshore Basins

Libya Reservoirs – Phase I, Onshore Basins

East African Reservoirs and Seals: Phase II, Kenya

Gabon / North Congo Reservoirs

Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Liberia

Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Ghana and Benin

Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Côte d’Ivoire (Phase III)

Côte d’Ivoire: Regional Reservoirs and Seals

Central Atlantic Margins – West Africa (Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau) – Phase I

Wilrich Member

Spirit River

Montney Phase II – Liquids Play A Regional Study

Montney Shale Regional Study

Duvernay Regional Study

Temblor Regional Study

Stevens Reservoir Study

Southern California Oil Study

San Joaquin Basin Petroleum Potential Study

North Slope Alaska Source Rock Study

Fracture Stimulation Optimization for Tight Gas Sands*

Shale Reservoirs North America

Williston Basin Study

Tight Oil Reservoirs Williston Basin

San Juan Basin Rock Catalog

San Juan Basin Regional Study

Powder Basin River Upper Cretaceous Tight Oil Reservoirs

Powder River Basin Regional Study

Paradox Basin Regional Study

Niobrara Formation Regional Study

Denver Basin I & II

Codell Sandstone – DJ Basin

Antler Basin Source Rock Study

Absaroka Basin Northwestern Wyoming

Woodford-Barnett Shale

Wolfcamp Reservoir Study

Wolfcamp Regional Study

Tight Oil Reservoirs of the Midland Basin “Wolfberry”, Strawn, AND Mississippian

Tatum Basin Regional Study

Queen Sandstones Study

Sequence Stratigraphy and Petrophysical Study for the Morrow Sandstones in the Delaware Basin

Morrow Regional Study

Delaware Mountain Group Study

Brushy Canyon Sandstones Study

Bone Spring Sandstones Study

Avalon-Wolfcamp Shale Study (Delaware Basin)

Woodford-Oklahoma Shale


Oklahoma Geochemical Study

Missourian Tight Oil Reservoirs – Anadarko Basin

Mississippi Lime

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Arbuckle Group Gas and Oil Study

Granite Wash Study

Anadarko Basin Study

Prairie Du Chien Regional Study and Rock Catalog

Yegua Regional Study

Wilcox Reservoir Study

Vicksburg Regional Study and Rock Catalog

Thanksgiving Field Study

Texas Wilcox Regional Study and Rock Catalog

Smackover Reservoir Study

Pearsall Group Reservoir Evaluation

Onshore & Coastal Waters South LA Miocene Regional Study

Deep Oligocene Regional Study (S. LA.)

Norphlet Reservoir Study

Smackover Regional Study – MAFLA Area

Lower Tuscaloosa Regional Study

Louisiana Wilcox

Lobo Regional Study

Haynesville Core Study

EOR – Eagle Ford

Eaglebine – Regional Study

Eagle Ford Shale Evaluation

South Texas Frio Sandstones Regional Study

Deep Frio Regional Study

Austin Chalk Study

Wilcox Provenance Database – Available in RAPID

Offshore Louisiana and Texas Miocene Regional Study

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Study – Phase II

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Study

Deep Shelf Gulf of Mexico Regional Study

Woodbine Regional Study

Travis Peak – Hosston Sandstones Study

James Lime

Haynesville & Bossier Shale Evaluation

East Texas Smackover Study

East Texas Basin Lower Cretaceous Regional Study

Cotton Valley-Bossier

Cotton Valley Regional Study

Lower Smackover Brown Dense Study

Smackover Study (Ark-La State Line)

Arkansas – Louisiana Lower Cretaceous Study

Utica Shale Study

Upper Devonian Study

Marcellus Shale Study